Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 7th #TheABCsOf Photo Challenge is...

 Classic Doctor Who! I am doing this post a bit early than I normally do, but it was quite clear of the winner, plus the boys over at Traveling The Vortex had unofficial announced on their last podcast. It is also very appropriate since the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is, as you all should know, November 23 2013.  Any media is allowed (televised, Comic, Big Finish, Novel, Etc) as long as it deals with the 1st Doctor through the 8th Doctor. I know that there are some characters, places, and things that are both in Classic and in New Doctor Who, just make sure the picture is from the Classic series, got it?  Any way Enjoy. The Hash tag to use and look for is #TheABCsOfClassicDoctorWho. The Challenge starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 1st. Also  I know some of you may just skip over the video at the top of the posts, but I highly suggest watching this one. It's a nice  Classic Doctor Who Tribute set to one of my all time favorite Disney Songs. :-)

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