Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Two Companion Blog Post

Day Two: Guilty Pleasure Story

My Guilty Pleasure story is, at the moment,  Dinosaurs On The Spaceship   I have always loved dinosaurs since I was little kid, I blame Jurassic Park,  We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, The Land Before Time, and pretty much every other dinosaur movie, book from my childhood. :-)  In other words, I knew I was going to like this episode before  it even aired.
Another plus for this story is the amazing guest star list who played some pretty cool characters., to combine with the amazing main cast.
 Also you can't help but love a fun romp, which is what this story is all about. You can't help, or at least I can't, but smile  every time you see the Doctor, Rory, and Brian riding the triceratops.
Any way that is it about this story.
Some Videos and Picture of  Dinosaurs On The Spaceship:

The Doctor and his Gang
The Spaceship
Meeting The Robots
RUN, Boys!

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