Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Twelve Companion Blog Post

Day Twelve: First Doctor

My first Doctor was The 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. It was a couple of years ago, when my best friend Jessica told me that I need to watch Doctor Who.  I trust her on her taste of shows, so I logged in to my Netflix account, and queued up the episode Rose, and they had me at "Hello" or should I say "Run!" I feel in love by the end of the first episode, which is rare for me. So I give all my thanks to my obsession of Doctor Who to my friend Jessica, Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, and  RTD.

Oh by the way my friends over at Traveling The Vortex, just posted a new podcast episode yesterday, that was all about the 9th Doctor. Here is the link Episode 147: Nine In The Afternoon


"Coming along?"

Love this picture

Just Chilling in the TARDIS

Angry Doctor with a Dalek... Oh dear

A Scene from Bad Wolf

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