Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Nine Companion Blog Post

Day Nine:  Favorite Special.

My Favorite Special is the 2010 Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol. Can't exactly point out why I love this special so much. but I will try. This is such a fun episode, and a Christmas special story that I can, and have, watch all year round.  It makes me laugh, and cry at the same time, which for some reason is something I really love. Sorry for this one being short, but... yeah..

Some Videos/Pictures:

This looks fun.. I want to do it

Love This picture



Foreshadowing.... perhaps?

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Glenn said...

This is the first one that I doubled up on with someone else in the group of photo challengers. I'm so happy that we both have that in common. I, too, can watch this one any time of the year, but it just seems extra special at Christmas time. :)