Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Sixteen Companion Blog Post

Day Sixteen:  Favorite Guest Star:

My Favorite guest star is the wonderful Bill Nighy! He was uncredited in Vincent And The Doctor. I remember the first time I watch this episode, I was already extreme excited about it, since Vincent van Gogh, has always been one of my all time favorite artist, and I like Tony Curran who plays Vincent. So that was a double plus for the episode, before I had even watched it. Then with in a few seconds in to the episode this guy shows up, and I Squeed  so loud. I have always love  Bill Nighy. I could explain why, and list all the thing I love him in, but I might do a whole blog post about that later.  He may have been uncredited, but, to quote Rachel's comment on my Instagram "They didn't credited him because he's so awesome, everyone should know who he is."

No Videos I am afraid, couldn't find any good ones on youtube.

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