Saturday, October 19, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day One Companion Blog Post

This month I am participating in Rachel's #31DaysOfWholloween. It's still not too late join in the fun. Go check it out!  I am going to use my blog to explain my answers, and add more pictures and videos.

Day One : Favorite Doctor.

My Favorite Doctor is the 3rd Doctor played by the wonderful and sorely missed Jon Pertwee.  It's kind of hard to pinpoint why I love the 3rd Doctor so much. Pretty much everyone says that he " the James Bond Doctor", which I agree. I love how suave he was during his tenure.  I love the way he was both "Man of Action" and scientific adviser to UNIT.  I always really loved how despite being annoyed at the fact that he was stuck on Earth, for most of his regeneration, he was willing to help UNIT to help save his favorite planet/species. I also love his "Venusian Aikido." I cheer every time he uses that skill. Probably not the most informative of why I love him, like I said it was hard, but there you go.
 Here is some pictures/videos of 3rd Doctor's era:

3rd Doctor and Liz Shaw

3rd Doctor with Jo Grant

3rd Doctor and The Brig
3rd Doctor with Bessie

3rd Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith

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