Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Three Companion Blog Post

Day Three:  Favorite Couple:

My Favorite Couple is Ian and Barbara. I normally don't play the "Shipping Game", I usually prefer seeing a "Family" and/or "Friendship" relationship, instead of  a more " Romantic" relationship, but when it comes to Ian and Barbara, I am a big shipper of this two. You should have heard the "Fangirl SQUEEE" that I let out when it was confirmed  that they get together, in the Sarah Jane Adventures story: Death Of The Doctor.
I love the chemistry between the two teachers. I love watching the banter, and also the care for each other. Two of my favorite scenes of these two is the beginning and the end of The Romans, when they tricked each other about ice, those scene make me smile. Well that is what I've to say about this lovely couple.

Here are Some videos/pictures of Ian and Barbara

A scene from The Romans

Cute Picture Of  These Two

A Scene From their first story"An Unearthly Child"

What are they thinking?

Barbara and Ian in The Aztecs

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