Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Seventeen Companion Blog Post

Day Seventeen: Saddest Episode

The saddest episode, I think, is Journey's End. For the most post the episode is an enjoyable  story, with major Fan winks, but at the end I think it is one the saddest parts of Doctor Who... ever. I was extremely jazzed about Donna being half Timelord. In my mind, I had them traveling through time and space forever, my brain conveniently forgetting about knowing about Amy and Rory. Lol Then... all of sudden Donna start to stutter and "break". I yelled at my laptop and cried, because I knew something was going to happen. Then The Doctor had to erase all of Donna's memories of their time together. I understand why of course, but I still couldn't help but get slightly angry at him. Ok I should stop talking about this before I start  crying, though looking for videos and pictures is not going to help.


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