Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#31DaysOfWholloween Day Twenty-One Companion Blog Post

Day Twenty-One: A WHO Related Photo You Took:  
I take a lot of Doctor Who related pictures. Surprised? I didn't think so. I decided on this picture, which is a bag of Jelly Babies, obviously. I took it the first time I ever tried a jelly baby. I took the picture on November 30th 2012 (Yay For Twitter Archive), right before I joined my friends for the #FridayNightWho showing of The Invisible Enemy. I thought it was appropriate since it was a 4th Doctor (Ironically the 4th Doctor is in my ear at the moment! lol) story.  Like most people, I tend to associate  Jelly Babies with the 4th Doctor. He is the one who ate them most, though it wasn't the only one.  That's it for now!


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