Saturday, March 22, 2014

#TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho Photo Challenge for April

I was thinking of doing something different for April's Photo Challenge. So.. I have done ANOTHER Doctor Who Photo Challenge. This one is called "The Favorites of Doctor Who." I tried to be unique with each item, I hope I did a good job with that It starts April 1st going all the way to April 30th. The hash tag to use and to look for is #TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho. Hope you have fun!

Here is the list to look over, and to give you time to think of plan:

  1. Favorite Opening Titles
  2. Favorite Historical Person
  3. Favorite "Behind The Sofa" Moment
  4. Favorite Episode/Story Title
  5. Favorite Writer (Classic Series)
  6. Favorite Heartbreaking Scene
  7. Favorite Childern In Needs Special
  8. Favorite Director
  9. Favorite Harry Potter/Doctor Who Actor
  10. Favorite Pop Culture Reference within the show
  11. Favorite "Behind The Scene" Photo
  12. Favorite DVD Extra
  13. Favorite Non-Televised Companion
  14. Favorite Writer (New Series)
  15. Favorite Red Nose Day Special
  16. Favorite Non-Canonical Doctor
  17. Favorite Regeneration Scene
  18. Favorite Shocking Moment
  19. Favorite Angry!Doctor Scene
  20. Favorite Call Back
  21. Favorite Score
  22. Favorite Non-Doctor Timelord/lady
  23. Favorite Anthropomorphize Alien
  24. Favorite Showrunner
  25. Favorite 2013 Event (Meaning your favorite moment,special, etc during the anniversary year) 
  26. Favorite Reference Book
  27. Favorite Multi- Doctor Story
  28. Favorite DVD Cover
  29. Favorite "Squee" Moment
  30. Favorite Game

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