Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Doctor Who Book Club - Traveling the Vortex

So a few weeks a fellow listener, Robert suggested to the boys over at Traveling The Vortex that they
 should start a book club over at Goodreads.
They thought it was a great idea, since they like to read, and they knew that many of their listener also liked to read.  Then Chrissy volunteered to take charge and make the group. So on March 14 the Traveling The Vortex Book Club was born.  The focus is, at the moment, Doctor Who books that the boys had already reviewed on their podcast. There is a poll up to vote for the first book we will be discussing. The voting goes on till March 30th. The winner will be announced on the 31st, and then we will be giving about a week ( I think) to read the book, before we start discussing.

So if you are a Doctor Who fan, a reader, and/or a fan of the TTV podcast, you should join in the fun of the book club. Also if you haven't listen to TTV yet, you really should.

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