Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho Day One Companion Post

Much like I did during Rachel's 31 Days of Wholloween last October, I am going to be doing a companion blog post for each day of my The Favorites Of Doctor Who photo challenge.

Day One: Favorite Opening:

My Favorite opening is the one during Series 7 Part 2. It first appeared in the 2012 Christmas special: "The Snowmen" and continued through out the last half of series 7,  all the way to the 2013 Christmas special: "The Time of the Doctor." The only exception was "The Day Of The Doctor", the 50th anniversary episode, which harked back to the original opening back in 1963.  Will this opening continue in to series 8? Well, we shall find out....

The reason why I love this them is because it's a nice blend of  the old and the new. The color scheme is similar to that of the 3rd Doctor's era, and then we have the star field,  which was featured in the openings during the 80's, plus the Movie in 96. Of course, I can't forget to mention the Face! For a quick, nearly a "blink and you miss" moment, we see a glimpse of the 11th Doctor's face, which was something that started in the 2nd Doctor era all the way to the 7th Doctor era. A nice little touch that I like, is the TARDIS coming at the end and opening her doors, to invite us in for the next adventure, and it is also something that they do on Classic Doctor Who DVD. I also think it is extremely beautful and colorful. I love how at the beginning we are spinning around, almost out of control. It is like we are tumbling our way through the vortex. Another  thing I love is the new version of the theme. It amaze me how many times the theme has change, but you can still recognize it as the Doctor Who theme. I was  more than a little disappointed that this version of the theme wasn't on the Series 7 soundtrack. 

Ok that's enough from me, this time. Stay tune for the next one.

Before you leave, here is the Opening for "The Snowmen!"

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