Monday, April 7, 2014

#TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho Day Three Companion Post

Day 3: Favorite "Behind The Sofa" Moment:

I am sure most of you know what "Behind the sofa" means, but just in case you don't...  a scary moment that you want to look away, but you also don't want to as well. You know how that is, when you watch something and you cover your eyes, but you pick through.....

Any way my favorite "Behind The Scene"  is Tegan's dream in the 5th Doctor Story "Kinda."  I won't go into too much detail about what happens, because I know some people have yet to see this story, so I will try not spoil too much.

Tegan fell asleep while on the planet Deva Loka.  In her dream, she meet some creepy characters. At one point, one of the characters, Dukkha, splits Tegan in to two beings, and make them argue over who is real. It was soon revealed that  Dukkha was the Mara. When Tegan wakes up, she is possessed by the Mara.
 That is it about this one for now!

I tried to find a video of the dream sequence, but I couldn't. SO just go watch the story. It is one of my favorites. I only have two complaints about it. One is Nyssa is not in it (Only at the very beginning of the 1st episode, and at the very end of the last episode, and Hindle, who is one of the most annoying character...ever!

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