Monday, April 7, 2014

#TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho Day Four Companion Post

Favorite Story/Episode Title:

 People may argue about many things about Doctor Who, but I am sure most would agree with me, when I say many of the stories have some really neat titles, even if it the story itself may not be the greatest.

My favorite title is "Nightmare in Silver".  It was the Series 7 Cybermen story, written by Neil Gaiman. I do like the story itself ( except for the kids), but I really love the title.  I always loved it when the title isn't "The So and So of The So and So". It gives it a nice surprise to it, even though we knew the cybermen were coming back in this story. It is also quite creative, even though this is the second story title with the word Silver, dealing with the Cybermen.  The first one was the 7th Doctor story "Silver Nemesis" ( which is the first time the Doctor wears a Fez!).  I also  think that "Nightmare In Silver" is such a cool title. If I have never watched an episode of Doctor Who, and I heard the the next episode was called "Nightmare In Silver", I properly would have tuned in to find out about it.

That is really all I have to say about it.

Here is the "Next Time" trailer for "Nightmare In Silver"

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