Monday, April 7, 2014

#TheFavoritesOfDoctorWho Day Five Companion Post

Day 5 Favorite Writer (Classic):
Doctor Who has had many writers, but my favorite writer has to be Robert Holmes. He was the script editor of the show  from 1975-1977, and was the writer of many stories through the years, including my first Classic Doctor Who story: "The Time Warrior". He has written for five doctors ( 2nd-6th). Episode-wise, he wrote  the most scripts during Classic Who ( 64 episodes in total)

I have seen most of these stories, and either loved them or at least enjoyed watching them. Just by looking at the story list, you can tell that not only did he write many stories of the classic series, but he contribute so much to the Doctor Who lore.  For example his story "The Terror Of The Autons" first introduces The Master (and of course Joe) and also his "The Time Warrior" was the first time The Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey, was named.

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