Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The 4th Annual 31 Days of Who-lloween!

It is nearly October, which means Halloween, pumpkin everything, leaves changing, football, aaaand of course The Five-ish Fangirls Podcast's annual "31 Days of Who-lloween".  Join us in the 4th installment of this photo challenge.
Here is the list (as always you can use any media of Doctor Who, including the spinoffs):

  1. Your “Guilty Pleasure” Story
  2. Favorite Doctor Who alumni on social media
  3. Favorite Doctor coat
  4. Favorite non-TARDIS transportation
  5. Missing story you want found
  6. The Doctor Who actor you want to meet the most
  7. Favorite TARDIS “desktop”
  8. Favorite "New Who" villain 
  9. Favorite “Bigger on the Inside” Moment
  10. Favorite cameo of (an) older Doctor(s)
  11. Favorite book
  12. Favorite Famous Whovian
  13. Favorite guest star
  14. Favorite Team TARDIS
  15. Favorite Voice Actor
  16. Favorite One-Off Character
  17. Classic era monster/villain you’d like to see come back in New Who
  18. Favorite Doctor Who game
  19. Favorite Song that has been in an episode 
  20. Favorite quote
  21. Favorite Multiple Character Actor
  22. Your OTP
  23. Episode you would/have recommend to a Non-Whovian
  24. Character who is most like you
  25. Favorite “hide behind the couch” moment
  26. Prop/item you’d like to take home with you
  27. Favorite member of Torchwood
  28. Favorite filming location
  29. Favorite Pure Historical Episode
  30. Favorite “Classic Era” villain
  31. Favorite Doctor Who cosplay

The hashtag to use and look for is #31DaysOfWholloween. As always have fun and Don't Blink!
As always if you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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