Wednesday, September 30, 2015

31 Days Of Who-lloween 2015

It is October, which means it is The Five(ish) Fangirls's annual "31 Days Of Who-lloween" Photo challenge. You should know the rules by now **Snickers**, so here is the list we have came up with this time (as always you can use any media of Doctor Who, including the spinoffs):

31 Days of Who-lloween

  1. Favorite Davros Story
  2. Favorite Doctor Who Legacy character
  3. Companion outfit you would wear often
  4. Doctor you think you’d pair best with as a companion
  5. Prop/item you’d like to take home with you
  6. Classic era monster/villain you’d like to see come back in New Who
  7. Planet you would love to visit
  8. Favorite "New Who" villain
  9. Favorite DVD cover
  10. Favorite One-Off Character
  11. Episode you would/have recommend to a Non-Whovian
  12. Favorite Dalek design
  13. Favorite pop-culture/geeky reference
  14. The soundtrack/score you can listen to over and over again
  15. Favorite Cyberman design
  16. The Doctor Who actor you want to meet the most
  17. Favorite spaceship/station
  18. Favorite fan-made video
  19. Most evil cliffhanger
  20. Favorite one off writer
  21. Favorite  Non-Canon Doctor
  22. Favorite U.N.I.T member
  23. Saddest true death
  24. Favorite comic artist
  25. Favorite Romana
  26. The Doctor's hat you would wear
  27. Big Finish story you have listen to the most
  28. Favorite "brainy specs"
  29. Favorite cameo of (an) older Doctor(s)
  30. Food you associate the most with Doctor Who
  31. Doctor Who character you have (or want to) cosplay

The hashtag to use and look for is #31DaysOfWholloween. As always have fun and Don't Blink!

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