Friday, October 9, 2015

Five Fandom Apocalypse

Got this idea from Christina from Geeky Loot

The prompt is "Five people you want on your side during the Apocalypse!"  So here I go:

1. The Brains/Builder: Tony Stark (Iron Man/Avengers)-- Though he can be the dumbest smart guy **CoughCough** Iron Man 2 **CoughCough*, he built his first Iron Man in a cave while being captured!

2. The Badass: John Reese (Person Of Interest) -- Seriously look up the definition of "Badass" in a dictionary, John Reese's picture will be there.

3. The Medic: Rory Williams (Doctor Who)-- Oh come on who wouldn't want Rory as their nurse. :)

4: The Provider: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow)-- Not only is he amazing with bow and arrows, he did survive Lian Yu.

5. The Canon Fodder/Comic Relief: Cisco Ramon (The Flash)-- Not only he is funny, he is pretty smart. Plus he comes up with some pretty fun nicknames.

So those are my answers. What do you guys think of these chooses, and what are yours?

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Christina Clawson said...

Very good choices. All are totally solid! Love it!