Friday, March 29, 2013

Sad News: the Passing of Richard Griffiths

The Late Richard Griffiths  (( July 31st 1947- March 28 2013))
Today we learned that we lost the wonderful  Richard Griffiths  due to complications following heart surgery yesterday, Thursday March 28th 2013. He was 65.  He is properly best known for as Uncle Vernon Dursley from the Harry Potter movies, and Uncle Monty from the movie Withnail & I. He also played Jeltz in the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Also with  some sad serendipity I was watching  Sleepy Hollow  last night in which he played  Magistrate Philipse.  It may seem silly but when ever I hear of a death of an actor I like, I feel like I had lost a dear friend. R.I.P Mr. Richard Griffiths, you will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to his Family, friends and fans though these tough times.

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