Monday, March 11, 2013

A very Whovian Birthday Party!

March 11 just happens to be quite a popular birthday date for the Whovian family. There is four birthdays today!

First of is: Graeme Harper who turned 68 today. He  directed a few Doctor Who  serials such as the Last 5th Doctor story:  " The Caves of Androzani", the 6th Doctor Story: "Revelation of the Daleks " plus 13 episodes  of the 10th Doctor Era. Also 3 stories of  The Sarah Jane Adventures

Next up it would have been Douglas Adams 61st birthday today. He is  of course best known for his "Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy"  series and his "Dirk Gently"    He was also script editor For Doctor Who, writing the 4th Doctor stories "The Pirate Planet" and"City of Death." Plus "Shada" which was only partial filmed.

Next up is the very lovely Alex Kingston who turned 50 today. She plays the amazing yet confusing: Dr. River Song. in the show Doctor Who. She is also on the show: "Arrow" . She plays the character  She was also Dr. Elizabeth Corday  in the show: E.R.

Last,but certainly not least is the charming John Barrowman, He turned 46 today. He is of course known for his role as the Handsome "Captain Jack Harkness" on the shows Doctor Who and its spinoff Torchwood. He is currently on the show Arrow playing the character Malcolm Merlyn. He is also a talented singer and is also a writer.

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