Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rev up those Time Machines!

It took me a while to decided what to do for March's photo challenge, but thanks to a combination of Buzzfeed articles and 90s music playing on Pandora, I thought it would be found to do The ABCs of The 90s.
As a kid of the 90s ((born in 1990)), I have many fond memories of that decade, and I am pretty sure many who are reading this do as well.

Anyway you should know  how to play by now. You can use anything from the 90s: books, movies, tv shows, cartoons, music, toys, food, gadgets,famous people popular in the 90s, important historical events, personal events etc.  I would also let slide things that started in the 80s and were still popular in the 90s (( but please don't do it too often, I will do a 80s photo challenge some time soon)). If you have any questions please don't hesitate  to ask

The hashtag to use and look for, starting Sunday, March 1st ,is #TheABCsOfThe90s. I hope you join in and have a fun time going down memory lane. :)

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