Friday, December 26, 2014

"2014 in Pictures" Photo Challenge

                                                        In Pictures

Next month is the first month of 2015, so I decided to make my photo challenge for January is a review of 2014. Here is the list

  1. Your Favorite Screenshot on your computer/phone
  2. Favorite Picture someone took of you
  3. The Achievement you are most proud of in 2014
  4. Your most “Liked” Photo on Facebook from 2014
  5. Favorite Convention photo of 2014
  6. Favorite Photo Challenge of 2014
  7. Favorite Show that premiered in 2014
  8. Favorite Picture of a Celebrity of 2014
  9. Favorite gift you received in 2014
  10. Favorite Fandom Rumor of 2014
  11. Your Most retweeted Tweet of 2014
  12. Favorite Fandom News piece of 2014
  13. Most adorable “Shipping” moment
  14. Favorite Picture of you and a friend in 2014
  15. Your Photo with the most Comments on Facebook
  16. Favorite Picture of a pet/animal
  17. Favorite Clothes item you got in 2014
  18. Favorite song/Album of 2014
  19. Favorite Picture of you and a family member in 2014
  20. Favorite moment in a Fandom
  21. Your Most Liked Photo Instagram
  22. Favorite movie of 2014
  23. Favorite “Selfie”
  24. Favorite Memory of 2014
  25. Favorite Book you read in 2014
  26. Your Most Favorited Tweet of 2014
  27. Favorite Picture you were “Tagged” in
  28. Goofiest picture you took in 2014
  29. Favorite photo you posted as a “TBT” (Throwback Thursday)
  30. Favorite Nature picture you took in 2014
  31. Favorite Holiday-based photo in 2014
If you have any questions concerning the list, please don't hesitate to ask. Either by commenting below, email me at either or or by Twitter at @GeekGirl1990

This photo challenge will start Thursday January 1st 2015. The hashtag to use and look for is #2014InPictures
I hope you all enjoy this challenge, either by joining in the fun or just viewing the pictures.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

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