Monday, December 23, 2013

Here is my Christmas Present to the boys over at Traveling The Vortex

For a special Christmas present, and in honor of their 3rd anniversary coming up in January, I want to write up a blog post on my favorite podcast: Traveling The Vortex, as you can tell by the name, it is a podcast all about Doctor Who, with some tangents of their other geeky obsessions.
 They started this podcast as two guys ,Glenn and Shaun, who have been Whovians since the 80's introducing their friend, Keith, to the Whoniverse.  Now with nearly 3 years and, over 150 episodes, under their belt, Keith is now a huge fan, and he has cos-played as the 11th Doctor ( his Doctor) quite a few times. They have been ranking up Keith, though events that happen to him during his time with The Doctor. I forgotten what rank he is now, sorry..., but he is going to be going up one this week, when his Doctor regenerates in the Doctor Who Christmas special: The Time Of The Doctor.  

One of the things I love about this podcast is that they do not just stick to only one part of Doctor Who.
They discuss and review; Classic Doctor Who, New Doctor Who, Books, Comics, Big Finish Audios, and on occasion Video games, and Phone Apps. So basically the podcast has something everyone.  They even go on tangents over other geeky things, and sometimes non geeky things. Some people may not enjoy them, but I do, since I am also a huge fan of many other things.

Another thing that I enjoy about the podcast, is that their (or at least one of them) views are almost the same as my own. We do differ on somethings,  but for the most part we are on par on things. Now there is nothing wrong on having different opinions, but it is nice to listen to a podcast where, for the most part, I can nod my head and say "Yup, that is how I felt."

A fun thing they do every week is their "Friday Night Who." As it is in implied  every Friday night  at 12 PM CST a group of us head over on to Twitter, and watch a story ((From both Classic and New Who eras)) while tweeting along.  If you don't already join in the fun, you should. Look for the hash tag #FridayNightWho, and what ever story that week. As I type this out,the next story  we are doing is the Tenth Doctor story, Fires of Pompeii, in honor of Peter Capaldi  becoming the New Doctor this Wednesday.  

Probably my favorite thing from the podcast, is the friendships I have made sue to this podcast, and not just the guys but all so the other listeners of the podcast.I love chatting with everyone on Facebook, and Twitter, whether it is  about Doctor Who, other geeky things, or even just "real life" things They have also have helped me through some of the hard times I have had to deal with this last year. We may have never meet in real life (though hopefully that may change some time soon), but they have been some of my closest friends....I hope that doesn't seem too creepy.  Well I guess that's it from me. Keep on the great work, Boys!
 I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and an amazing New Year. Hope you have  fun time with friends and family. Hope you get everything on your Christmas list, and then some.

Keith, be strong during The Time Of Doctor, everything will be fine...maybe! :-)


Their Website: Traveling The Vortex
Their Twitter : @travelvortex
Glenn's Twitter:@vortexglenn
Keith's Twitter: @VortexKeith
Shaun's Twitter: @vortexshaun

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