Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doctor Who on Twitter

There are many people who are part of the Doctor Who family on Twitter. Here is a non complete list of them ((I will keep updating when I can, plus you guys can help, if you want to))


Companions/Good Guys:

  •  Terry Molloy (( Davros: The "R's" Of the Daleks)) :@tuckerspatch
  •  Eric Roberts (( The Master- Doctor Who- The Movie)) @EricRoberts
  •  John Simm ((The Master- Series 3 & Series 4 specials)) @john_simm
  • Simon Pegg ((The Editor)): @simonpegg
Behind the Scenes 

I am sure I missed some ( or maybe got some wrong....I am tired) Let me know, please. Also if you have any suggestions for other "____ On Twitter" Let me know. 


Glenn said...

Here's another:

Dan Starkey ‏ @StanDarkley

WhovianMich said...

Billie Piper just got twitter @billiepiper