Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Recommendation : The Atlas Of Middle-Earth by. Karen Wynn Fonstad

       As you may, or may not, know I am a Tolkien fan girl, and when I'm a fan of anything I try to find anything and everything about that subject. Now my family is quite aware of that fact, so for my 13th Christmas, I received  a book called The Atlas of Middle-Earth written by Karen Wynn Fonstad.  
It's a lovely reference book of Middle Earth. It starts off giving a nice history and a geographic descriptions of the different regions of the First Age, Second Age, and the Third Age. 
Next, Karen  goes into detail about the journeys in  The Hobbit and  in  The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which, of course, includes maps (of key dwellings as well as the land), and timelines. She even puts in maps detailing the battles.
The last section of the book is  an " attempt... to trace individually the patterns of five important elements that Tolkien included in his world..." (( TAoME Pg. 179)). The five elements are : Landforms, Climate,Vegetation, Population, and Language. There is even a neat little graph of  the "Evolution of Languages"
There is other great aspects of this book, but I didn't want to go into detail, because you need to buy it! :)   So if you like maps, or just learning more about the wonderful world that Tolkien created for us, I really recommended this book!

Here is the cover of my copy of the book!

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